Make a Reservation

The balance in debt related to this contract, shall be settled until eight days before the withdrawal.

The client is obliged to leave the security/1 franchise, 800, 00 €/€2,000.00 in visa card, in cash, ATM or bancáriao transfer which should be returned after 72 hours, after the return of the vehicle to verify same. In refund left AS THE DEPOSIT, if there are fees attached to this transaction the same shall be borne by the customer. In the event of an accident/accident or damage third parties or in Auto-caravan, Camperline Lda, is hereby authorized to deposit/credit immediately the security/relief at the €1,800.00 value to 0, asclasses I and II and the value is €2,000.00 for class III.

The driver must be over the age of 21 years and a driver's license for more than 1 year.  

The vehicle is delivered to the client with the full tank of fuel and must be returned the same way. Otherwise Camperline will charge the customer the missing fuel, plus the fee corresponding to this service.

The vehicle is delivered to the client clean, healthy and with the mechanics checked and must be returned with the passenger compartment acceptably clean and waste water tanks and toilet empty, otherwise the Camperline will charge the rate of This service. To be verified the presence of domestic animals requires an extra cleaning fee. The vehicle is delivered to the client with a set of utensils: Jack and lug wrench, reflective vest, 2 triangles, hose, extension cord, fire extinguisher, shovel, broom, bucket, toilet brush, bed and table protections, which should be returned. Lamps, fuses, chemicals for the sanitary and gas are also provided although the consumer surplus be charged to the customer.

In hirings until 5 days the mileage is limited to 300 km per day, in case of exceeding the Camperline snake €0.35 + VAT to the rate in force for each kilometre. Rentals over 5 days the mileage is unlimited. 

Rentals in partnership with Odisseias limited mileage 200 km per day, in case of exceeding the Camperline snake €0.35 + VAT to the rate in force for each kilometer. 

The customer is always responsible, before the authorities by contractual deadlines out circular and assumes all responsibilities for infractions, fines and other situations that occurred during the rental period.

The Trailer is lifted and returned in our facilities during opening hours (09.00h to 12.30h and 14.00h to 18.30h) from Monday through Friday, outside these hours thew client must contact us directly. 

The campers returned after 9:00 will be billed the amount equal to one day of rental.